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Thank you for supporting Lights Up. We are a non-profit 501(c) theater organization.  

366 Spencer St.
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 305-1061 


Check out award winning Gospel Artist Pattie Howard and her own label PHB Entertainment.  She has been a tremendous friend and support to Lights Up. More to come on our endeavor's together.

 LIFE IS MADE OF STORIES... TOLD OF YOU AND I... THE BEST ONES ARE OF LOVE... There is nothing like a great story. Life is made of them and they include you, us, people we know and many we have never met. These stories are like a window to look through or a door to walk through into another place to be discovered beyond the life we currently know. Stories - We just like to tell really good and provocative stories. Lights Up Productions Inc. is a professional (non-profit) Christian theater company. We focus on original, contemporary and highly relevant musical theater. We are all about EXCELLENCE. Our aim is to honor God and spread the love and light of Christ. Brent Grosvenor, the founder of Lights Up, has written, composed and performed five musicals, including an Easter show and a Christmas show ("The Passion of the King" and "The Richest Man in the Valley"). These two musicals have been performed around the world and available for licensing along with "Sunday in Manhattan" (the story of Billy Sunday). Our passionate and talented cast and crew simply want to tell amazing stories and deliver unforgettable songs. We hope to impact our culture and touch as many hearts as we can with love, hope, purpose and healing. "Lost In Vegas"  began a new chapter for us. It surprised thousands of people with it's plot-twisting story, fresh catchy songs and beautiful ballads. Shows such as "Lost In Vegas." "Lost in Vegas" was taken to six cities with our cast and crew of 35. Brent's latest musical is far easier to tour, since it is primarily performed by Brent and his daughter Victoria. However, it's quite high tech as many actors and singers apear and perform lifesize on a 16 by 12 foot portion of the set. This show is called "Pillars of Fire." Pillars of Fire was launched in Italy, taken to Vienna Austria and now tours the US nearly every weekend. Learn more at www.pillarsoffiremusical.com.


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